Air Transportation

WIN CARGO CORP CO., LTD. understand customers’ need and expectation on airfreight service, WIN CARGO CORP CO., LTD. strives to ensure prompt and efficient cargo movement at the most competitive rates with the best possible service, under the most challenging conditions. With a team of well-trained,hard-working and dedicated staff, we have been following closely by tracking on every single shipmentWith airport to airport service, shipper brings cargo directly to our airport warehouse & ship goods to any airport worldwide. We notify local consignee at destination & provide you a proof of arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination airport.

Our export air freight activities range from single worldwide shipments to regular consolidation services to full charter of aircraft of any kind. Our import air freight activities are worldwide, we do have our weekly services from all major airports worldwide.

We are specialized in ship garment handling services & aviation-part-services around the globe where timely delivery up to the vessel or aircraft is a key factor to allow our customers to continue normal operations without substantial delays.